Your ability to earn income is your most valuable asset. Without it, all of your plans could vaporize. It deserves protection.

If you couldn’t work, how long could you keep going (without a paycheck) before you could not pay the mortgage or rent, utilities, groceries, or for other necessities?

A sobering statistic is that half of home foreclosures are due to a disability. Another is that you have a greater likelihood of becoming disabled than dying if you are between 25 and 65 years old.

Disability income insurance pays you a monthly benefit, that will help provide for you and your family.

Individual disability income policies are purchased directly by the covered individual, are flexible in design, and are portable as the insured owns the policy.

Policies are also available for business owners and partners which pay benefits to the business to cover overhead expenses and pay benefits to fund a buy-out.

If what you do is a hobby, and you do not need the income, you don’t need this insurance. However, if you need your income to pay your expenses, protection is vital.

I can help you get the coverage you need.



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