If someone would be hurt financially in the event of your death, or if you want to leave funds for heirs or a favorite charity, you should have life insurance.  I can help you select the type of life insurance to best meet your needs.

There are two main types of life insurance: TERM and PERMANENT.

TERM insurance is appropriate for needs with limited time horizons, such as for college costs and mortgage balance.  Features of term insurance include:

1.  Lower Cost

     2.  Ability to have premium cost guaranteed and level for up to 30 years

     3.  No cash value (consider it as renting a death benefit)

PERMANENT insurance is designed to remain in force indefinitely. Features include:

1.  Premium higher than with term and there may be a cash value
2.  Two types of Permanent Insurance:
a.  Whole Life Insurance - requires a specified premium
b.  Universal Life Insurance - has a proposed premium (more flexible)

3.  A sub-type of Universal Life is INDEXED UNIVERSAL LIFE, which measures the growth of the internal value based on indexes that track the stock market

NOTE:  A more recent innovation is a policy blending life insurance with long-term care features.

Life insurance, as part of a sound financial plan, may be appropriate in many situations.

I can help ease the process of deciding upon and implementing your plan for life insurance.