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What is Long-Term Care?

          Explanation of the basics of location, cost and payment for Long-Term Care​​

Myths, Misconceptions & Myopia

         ​ Ten frequently misunderstood things about Long-Term Care

6 Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Aging Parents

          Sometimes difficult, but always necessary, questions

Be Prepared With a Plan

          Essential questions and answers to help prepare for Long-Term Care

The Wild Card That Could Destroy Your Retirement

         Article from Forbes 8/20/13 discussing the devastating consequences that could result from lack of preparation for LTC

The Impact of Divorce on Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance

        eBook offering a review of insurance basics with a discussion of items to be considered by those going through a divorce

Same-Sex Couples : Assets of Both Spouses at Risk

         New rules regarding Medicaid qualification and assets at risk for nursing home stay

Are You Prepared to be a Caregiver?  How About to Need One?

        Real world issues that must be addressed if one is considering the role, or the potential need

Barron's - Thinking Long Term

​        Comprehensive article published 11/9/13 provides excellent overview and analysis of value of LTC insurance

Who will care for America's aging population?

​          Washington Post article 11/21/13 by Tom Daschle and Tommy Thompson

Long-term care: Ignore it at Your Own Peril

​          Article by Steve Vernon in Money Watch 5/20/13

The Decision Our Family Came to Regret

​         ​Jeff Tomlin's very personal account of his family's struggle with a life or death decision for his father